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WATTLE Acacias of Australia ver. 2.2 By B.R. Maslin  --  VISIT
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Updated: Wed 03/15/2017 @ 11:15

WATTLE Acacias of Australia ver. 2.2 By B.R. Maslin

Wattle v2.2

  • This key is a revision of WATTLE Acacias of Australia that was published on CD in 2001. 
  • WATTLE ver. 2.2 includes 1274 taxa of Acacia sens. lat. that occur in Australia. These represent all formerly described Acacia sens. str., Acaciella, Vachellia and Senegalia taxa, together with Phrase Name taxa and common hybrid entities where these exist in the public domain and are accompanied by a description; also, 17 new species currently in press (in Nuytsia) are included.
  • For each taxon (except the new species) hyperlinks are provided to information regarding their most current description (sourced from ABRS Flora Online), images (from WorldWideWattle website), distribution map (from AVH) and nomenclature (from APNI).
How to cite this key: Maslin, B.R. (2014). WATTLE2, Interactive Identification of Australian Acacia. Version 2.2. (Department of Parks and Wildlife: Perth.)

Acknowledgements: This revision was made possible by funding provided through Atlas of Living Australia and was undertaken at the Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Perth. Rebecca Coppen (DPAW) is gratefully acknowledged for attaching the hyperlinks to information resources for the taxa.

Lucid JavaScript Player Edition
The Wattle key has now been updated to use the latest Lucid JavaScript Player. No Java or other software add-on's required. Instant play via your favourite browser.


Play the Lucid JavaScript Player based Wattle key ***


Author(s): B.R. Maslin

PezFam 1.0: Interactive Keys for the Identification of Fish Family in NW Mexico  --  VISIT
 Views: 16

Updated: Thu 03/09/2017 @ 02:06

PezFam 1.0. Interactive taxonomy keys for Mexican marine fish families (version 1.0, in Spanish), which is a multiplatform application to identify fish specimens at the family level from Mexican Pacific waters, including the treatment of 186 families. This development aims to facilitate access to the primary knowledge of the Mexican marine fish fauna, contributing elements to improve the teaching - learning process in the area of Ichthyology and Fish Biology.

Visit URL:
Author(s): Jose De La Cruz-Aguero

ElasmoMex 1.0: Interactive Taxonomic Keys for Mexican Elasmobranchs Families"  --  VISIT
 Views: 42

Updated: Tue 02/21/2017 @ 11:50

ElasmoMex 1.0: Interactive Taxonomic Keys for Mexican Elasmobranchs Families was developed by the members of the project SIP-IPN 20161015, directed by José De La Cruz-Aguero (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas, Colección Ictiológica, at La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico).

ElasmoMex 1.0, developed using the Lucid Phoenix software, is a multi-plataform application (Windows, Mac, Linux) that operates with Internet browsers compatible with JAVA technology (e.g., FireFox, Internet Explorer) to identify specimens to family-level of elasmobranchs+chimeras that inhabit Mexican waters. The key includes 24 families of sharks, 17 of rays, mantas and sawfishes, and 2 of chimeras.

Version 1.0 for now, only in Spanish.

Visit the home page of the Ichthyological Collection (CI) of CICIMAR-IPN:

Direct link to the key:

Note: This key requires Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer and the Java Runtime Environment.

Author(s): Members of the project SIP-IPN 20161015

Key to the World Species Groups of Leucospis (Hymenoptera: Leucospidae)  --  VISIT
 Views: 223

Updated: Tue 02/21/2017 @ 11:47

This key provides an interactive identification tool designed to identify any Leucospis specimen to the species group level. The Lucid key recognizes 20 taxa of Leucospis, 16 species groups and 4 species sola.

Published by: Centre of Biological Information Technology

Cost: Free

Author(s): Sophie Cardinal, D. Christopher Darling

Plyomydas key (Lucid Phoenix Edition)  --  VISIT
 Views: 36

Updated: Fri 02/10/2017 @ 09:28

Dichotomous key to species of the Neotropical Mydidae genus Plyomydas Wilcox & Papavero, 1971 resulting from taxonomic revision published in Castillo & Dikow 2017. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia.


Note: This key uses Lucid Phoenix, a dichotomous key player. Lucid Phoenix requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), free from

Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer required. Chrome doesn't not support the required plug-in.

Author(s): Stephanie Castillo and Torsten Dikow

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