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12/18/2008 10:02 AM

Note: this article does not apply to Lucid 3.x or above.

Due to security differences between Windows VISTA/WIN7 and the XP operating system you will need to follow the instructions outlined below to update your Lucid Player v2.x software to work correctly under VISTA or WIN7.

Note: Lucid Player v2.x is not compatible with the 64bit Windows 7 or Vista. If you have a 64 bit Windows operating system then please use a Virtual Machine option such as MS Virtual PC or the free Virtual Box (, to run a copy of the 32bit Windows XP within your existing operating system. Otherwise read on.

*** Update *** improved Windows 64bit backwards compatibility layer should now be able to run v2.x edition. Ensure you have updated your windows with the latest service pack and updates.

These instructions should be performed under a privileged account such as the Administrator account. If your account has administrative privileges you can, for example use the option “Run as Administrator” when right clicking on a shortcut or executable. Please check with your systems administrator if you do not have this option or are unsure about this concept.

  1. If you have already tried to install the Lucid Player that came with your identification key please uninstall it as it will not be compatible with VISTA.
  2. Download the latest complete edition of the Lucid Player v2.2 (Plus or Standard), not the patch version, from
    Note: to access the Player Plus download you may first need to register your Lucid serial number at:
  3. Install the Lucid Player v2.2 by running the setup package using administrative privileges. Follow the setup instructions and complete the installation.
  4. Run the Lucid Player application via the start menu or directly via the executable (e.g. Lucid.exe). If installing the Lucid Player Plus edition, select to run as administrator for the first time to complete the entry of the serial number.
    The Lucid Player should then load and allow you to browse to open an identification key. At this stage close the Lucid Player to continue installing keys – See the next step.
  5. Installing and running keys.
    Option 1 – Running the key directly from the CD.
    Most, but not all, commercially released identification products allow the identification key(s) to be run directly from the CD without installing the key files. To check if you can run the key(s) directly from the CD, insert your identification key disc into your computer’s CD drive and browse the contents with Windows Explorer. Identification key filenames will have the file extension ‘.lcd’. To open these keys double click this file to have it automatically opened in the Lucid Player. Note the CD will need to remain in the CD drive for the media to be accessible during the identification process.

Option 2 – Installing the key file to your computer.
This option is for situations where the key does NOT run directly from the CD. Run the setup package (as Administrator) that is located on your identification tools CD. During the installation process you will be given the choice to proceed with a default installation or to perform a custom installation. It is important that you select to perform a custom installation. Selecting to perform a custom installation will allow you to choose which components should be copied to your computer. Unselect the Lucid Player components leaving just the key(s) to be installed. Once the setup package has completed, shortcuts to the key(s) will be available within your start menu and the key files will have been copied to your hard drive. However, please note that for most keys the setup package only installs the key files, leaving the media on the CD. Therefore the CD will still be required to be in the CD drive to access the multimedia during the identification process.

HomeHomeLucid3 Discussi...Lucid3 Discussi...Lucid FAQsLucid FAQsLucid Player (Plus and Standard Editions) Windows VISTA/Win7 UsersLucid Player (Plus and Standard Editions) Windows VISTA/Win7 Users

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