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11/27/2013 1:52 PM
New Lucid Applet Player Java Security Certificate and help.

Note: There are now newer updates available for some of these products. Click here to view the post.

Applies to:
WATTLE Acacias of Australia;
Australian Orchid Genera;
Families of Flowering Plants of Australia;
Environmental Weeds of Australia;
Suburban and Environmental Weeds of South East Queensland.
Pest Thrips of North America
Pest Thrips of East Africa
Thrips of California
Sweetpotato DiagNotes
What Wasp Is That?
ThripsID - Pest Thrips of the World

Java Runtime Environment: v1.7.0_45 (Version 7 Update 45) and older.
Operating Systems: All

Due to changes in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), particularly around security, your previously working key may no longer function. The Lucid Applet may fail to load within the browser. Or loads without key data or the tool bar.

Solution:  To correct this you will need to update your keys Lucid Applet Player.

Things to do before updating:
  1. Download and install the latest JRE (if available), free from
  2. If you are running Internet Explorer then you should adjust the security to allow active content to run from the local computer. See Internet Options....Advanced Tab..Security section.
  3. Disable pop-up blockers for this content (that is add it to your browsers allow list).
Updating the Lucid Applet
If your key comes on non-writeable media (CD/DVD & some USB keys) you will need to copy all the associated key files and folders to your hard drive or USB key. Next, download the update associated with your key (download only available to registered users), extract the update ZIP file to the folder containing the copy of the key, overwriting any older files or folders.

Product Updates (download only available to registered users)

New updates added 8th May 2015.

WATTLE Acacias of Australia - Download Update

AusGrass - Download Update 

Euclid - Download Update 

Australian Orchid Genera - Download Update 

Families of Flowering Plants of Australia - Download Update 

Environmental Weeds of Australia - Download Update

Suburban and Environmental Weeds of South East Queensland - Download Update

Pest Thrips of North America - Download Update

Pest Thrips of East Africa - Download Update

Thrips of California - Download Update

Sweetpotato DiagNotes - Download Update

What Wasp Is That? - Download Update

Note: 'What Wasp Is That?' contains two keys and requires the update be applied to both. For the second key apply the update to '\key\What wasp is that\Media\Html\' folder.

ThripsID - Pest Thrips of the World - Download Update (14.8 MB) - *** New *** updated 8th May 2015
ThripsID Special Instructions

1. Create a 'ThripsID' folder on your computer (e.g. Desktop).
2. Extract the update Zip file to the 'ThripsID' folder.
3. From your ThripsID CDROM copy each keys 'html' and 'images' folders found within the 'Lucid' folder and corresponding key name folder (e.g. \Lucid\\ to the corresponding key 'Media' folder e.g. ('\ThripsID\key\\Media\').

For example:

Copy folders:

\Lucid\Key to Family Aeolothripidae\html 


\Lucid\Key to Family Aeolothripidae\images

\ThripsID\key\Key to Family Aeolothripidae\Media\

Do this for each of the keys using its own 'html' and 'images' folder from the CD.

--- End special instructions for ThripsID ---

*** WARNING do not apply any of the above updates to a different key other than specified. ***

For other keys please contact the Author or Publisher for an update.

Start your key, usually via the default.html or start.html page (See your product instructions, if different.). You may see a number of Java warnings prior to the Lucid Applet Player opening. Depending your your browser and operating system you may get the following warnings:
  • Java needs permission to Run. Choose: 'Run this time.' Or 'Always run on this site.'
  • Security Warning - 'Do you want to run this application?' Choose: Check the 'I accept the risk and want to run this application.'. Then click the 'Run' button.
  • Additional Java Security Warning. Choose: the Run option.
  • You may also receive yet another additional warning to 'Block potentially unsafe components from being run?' Choose: 'Don't Block'.
HomeHomeLucid3 Discussi...Lucid3 Discussi...Lucid FAQsLucid FAQsUpdated - New Java Runtime & Older Lucid Applet Player not workingUpdated - New Java Runtime & Older Lucid Applet Player not working

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