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2/8/2017 9:55 AM

Popular keys update

Updated: 10th October 2017

This update currently covers the following products:

  • Australian Orchid Genera
  • Euclid
  • Families of Flowering Plants of Australia
  • Wattle: Acacias of Australia
  • AusGrass
  • FunKey - an Interactive Guide to the Genera of Australian Macrofungi. Key to Agarics. - Update coming soon...
  • What Wasp Is that?
  • Rainforest Plants of Australia (Rockhampton to Victoria) (See publishers website for update and instructions -

The update provides three different Lucid technologies for playing the underlying identification keys of these products, including the latest Lucid Browser Player, which only requires a modern web browser to run. No Java or other plug-ins are required.

Update Instructions

  1. Copy the product USB/DVD to an empty folder on your hard drive.

        E.g. [desktop]\[product name]

    Note: If your product is an updated variant, then you may not have a content folder present in the root of your USB or DVD. If so, you will need to run the installer to have this content copied to your hard drive. For Windows users the executable installer may no longer work due to changes in the Java Runtime Environment security settings. The alternative is to run the JAR version of the installer. To run the JAR installer follow these instructions:

           1. Open a Command Prompt. Change directory to the USB/DVD drive letter. E.g. cd :
           2. Type the following command to launch the JAR installer:
                     java -jar .jar

                    e.g. java -jar euclid_installer.jar

            The product installer interface should now appear. Complete the installation.

  2. Extract the update package (zip file) to the root of the newly created (or installed) product folder, overwriting any existing files or folders.

Note: This update is for the underlying Lucid technology, rather than any changes to the keys or content.

Download the update for your product:

Note: You must be a registered user of and logged in to access these updates.

Important: These updates require the original product. They are not standalone editions of the above keys.

HomeHomeLucid3 Discussi...Lucid3 Discussi...Lucid FAQsLucid FAQsPopular Keys updatePopular Keys update

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