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Version now available! Fact Sheet Fusion version 2 now available!

Fact Sheet Fusion is a tool to facilitate the rapid generation of standardized fact sheets in HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), PDF (Portable Document Format) or XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language).

Users of Fact Sheet Fusion require no knowledge of HTML or XML.

To generate high quality fact sheets takes three simple steps. First, define a set of topics that will form the structure of each fact sheet. Second, input text for each topic for each entity (fact sheet subject matter) for which a fact sheet is to be created and third, attach media (images, video and PDFs etc) related to each entity.

Image ViewerOnce these simple steps have been completed Fact Sheet Fusion can automatically generate fact sheets based on a selected template. As a part of the fact sheet creation process, Fact Sheet Fusion can automatically:

  • Convert, watermark and resize images.
  • Create an fact sheet index page.
  • Create a glossary page.
  • Cross link fact sheets listed within other fact sheets and their alternative names.
  • Automatically cross link fact sheet abbreviated binomial names.
  • Cross link glossary terms found within fact sheets.
  • Cross link glossary terms found in other glossary definitions.
  • Cross link fact sheet names found within glossary definitions.
  • Transform fact sheets as HTML, PDF or XML.

What’s new in Fact Sheet Fusion v2?

  • Enhanced Alternative names dialog (v2.0.5.150) New feature!
  • Enhanced Image viewer and watermarks. (v2.0.5.132) New feature!
  • Advanced media manager options. (v2.0.5.130) New feature!
  • Enhanced scientific name cross-linking and name generation.(v2.0.5.130) 
  • Batch export of projects. (v2.0.5.118) 
  • Enhanced content importer. (v2.0.5.118) 
  • Add media import option via CSV. (v2.0.5.111)
  • Improved Content import options. (v2.0.5.111)
  • Increased the speed of exports by 30-50% depending on the export options selected. (v2.0.5.100)
  • Added support for importing Lucid key data (entities) and associated fact sheets via the HTML import option. (v2.0.5.100) 
  • Added a new check for updates feature. Includes automatic download and install launch feature. (v2.0.5.100) 
  • Import Fusion v2 databases (v2.0.4945)
  • Enhanced text import dialogs (v2.0.4945)
  • Global clean HTML functions for Topics, Media captions and Glossary terms. (added in v2.0.4.930) 
  • Excluded image highlighting (added in v2.0.4.930)
  • Import from existing HTML and MS Word documents. This new feature uses a set of flexible user defined rules to import text against the projects Topics. The HTML import option also supports importing of images and captions, where available. (added in v2.0.4.724)
  • Taxonomic name concept check web service via (ALA). If you are dealing with plant or animal names this new feature allows you to check your current names for changes. The service also returns a list of synonyms and author information. This data can then be used to automatically update your taxa (Entities). (added in v2.0.4.724)
  • Ad hoc entity search report has been added. You can now query your entities by providing a list of names to search against. Fusion will search for these, including Alternative names. It will then report any matches or possible matches with a listing of the associated media.(added in v2.0.4.724)
  • v2.0.4 add numerous new features and improvements.
  • Global Find and Replace, now includes glossary terms (added in v2.0.2.0). In place editing of search results added in v2.0.4.830 
  • Entity Filtering and Subsets (added in v2.0.3.0) 
  • Media can be attached at an Entity level or at individual Topic level.
  • An in-built HTML code cleaner can fix up content pasted from MS Office applications.
  • Access to view and edit the underlying HTML code.
  • New glossary manager, supporting glossary sets and glossary images.
  • In-built watermarking when exporting images, with both text and image watermarks supported.
  • Support for attaching just about any media (images, videos, PDF’s, sound etc.).
  • Numerous export options, including support for PDF fact sheets.
  • Faster exporting – fully multi-threaded export, which can take full advantage of multi-core CPU technology.
  • Export also supports: 
    • Media Lists.
    • Sitemaps.
    • Google Analytics. 
  • Fact Sheet Fusion Export in actionA new Media Manager that allows centralised management of media Meta data.
  • Easier template management and customization.
  • Support for all the latest Windows operating systems.
  • Plus lots more!

To purchase Fact Sheet Fusion

Fact Sheet Fusion $295.00 AUD*.
Fact Sheet Fusion Secondary Licence $120.00 AUD*.

* Prices exclude GST, which is applicable if purchased within Australia.

Existing licence holders of Fact Sheet Fusion v1.x will be entitled to a 20% discount on the new version. If you have purchased v1.x from October – December 2014 you are entitled to a 50% discount.

You can purchase Fact Sheet Fusion v2 online. Or the upgrade edition online here.

  • Improved Content import options.
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