Fact Sheet Fusion

Importing Content

Import v1 Fusion databases

Import v1 Fusion Databases
If you have existing version one Fact Sheet Fusion databases, you can easily import them via the import option found within the projects dialog. First select the version 1 Fusion database you would like to import. Fusion v1 databases should have '.fusion' file extension. This file type will be filtered in the database selection dialog. Once a valid Fusion 1.x database has been selected, you can decide to choose all of the available topics and entities to be loaded or you can select as many topics and as many entities as desired for import.
Import HTML and MS Word documents.

Import HTML, MS Word Documents or Lucid Key data

Import HTML or MS Word DocumentsImport HTML or MS Word Documents
The Import content (HTML, MS Word or Lucid) option will allow you define a set of rules for each Project Topic that will attempt to match existing content in either HTML or MS Word documents and then import this into the Fact Sheet Fusion project. Each topic can have it's own set of rules that define what to look for as well as what to exclude. The HTML import option also supports importing of images and their captions.

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