Fact Sheet Fusion


Image Watermark Manager

Fact Sheet Fusion v2 has a number of new watermarking features. Watermarks are only ever applied to the exported copies of your images during export. Your original media library copy is never changed.

Image watermarks

The Image Watermark Manager (shown above) allows you to define all the images you wish to use as watermarks. Once you have selected an image as a watermark you can set preferred default settings for the watermark image if it is used within your fact sheet images. This can save having to define watermark image settings on an image by image basis. These default settings can then be overridden if desired.

Image Viewer - Watermarking options

Text watermarks

Text watermarks allow you to apply a text overlay on the image with options for text positioning, color, font type and size, drop shadow and transparency level.

The in-built Image Viewer (shown above) enables you to preview an image, while adjusting watermark options.

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