Lucid3 Owners

Can download patches and updates and even the latest versions available if they have product maintenance.

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Try before you buy?

If you are interested in how Lucid works prior to purchase you can download the Lucid3 demonstration builder. This product is for evaluation purposes only and consequently has a number of limitations.

When you download the Lucid3 builder for demonstration purposes, you will have the option of purchasing or selecting “I will register later”. By selecting the latter, a dialogue box will appear to advise you that the builder is running in demonstration mode and to provide the following information –

This application is running in demo (trial) mode, certain limits apply to its usage:

    * Export and Compile key have been disabled.
    * Features are limited to 50 items
    * Entities are limited to 15 items.
    * Save and Save As only work for keys within these limits

Note that in demonstration mode you can open a key greater than the stated size and play it in the player that is incorporated in the builder but the restrictions above still apply.

Go to downloads (login required)

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