Lucid PlayerThe Lucid3 Player is used to play interactive identification or diagnostic keys or guides created using the Lucid3 Builder. It comes in three forms - an application for use on your hard drive and can be packaged with CD based keys;  an applet, which is embedded, and used directly, within a web page or CD; and the on-line key player, a fully web based identification solution which requires no other software other than your preferred web browser. The Lucid Player provides users with an effective and powerful means of interacting with Lucid keys, enhancing their ability to make identification and diagnostic decisions.

The identification process facilitated by the Player is extremely effective and involves eliminating taxa or other objects according to characteristics or symptoms associated with the specimen you are trying to identify or diagnose. This process is supported by photographs, drawings, sound, video and text, which help to confirm that your choices are correct.

Lucid Player with images displayedThe Lucid3 Player provides other tools and information to help with the identification. Features in Lucid keys are usually provided with explanatory notes and images to help understanding. Subsets can help organise the list of features to make it easier to manage, and the Player's Best function is a powerful tool to help decide which feature to address next.

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