Lucid Key ServerWhat is it?

The Lucid Key Server consists of an identification and diagnostic key management facility and an on-line key player.  It allows Lucid keys to be published across the Internet or on an organisational Intranet simply requiring a web browser to access them.

How it works

The Lucid Key server is a web based suite which includes the Lucid On-line Player. It requires no special software or add-ons to deliver keys seamlessly to your target audience. The Lucid On-line Player uses the latest in web 2.0 technology, delivering an intuitive, interactive user experience.

Identification and diagnostic keys are uploaded to the server where access privileges are set. Users can then browse or search for keys of interest and play them instantly without installing additional software – all users need is their web browser.


To your Organisation

  • Centralise your identification key assets.
  • Easy management of users accounts and keys.
  • Controlled access to keys.
  • Cross platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris).
  • Integrate keys seamlessly within your website or web applications.
  • Preselect characters via other web applications. For example, selection of distribution by interactive maps before starting the key.
  • Customise and brand the interface to your organisation.
  • Flexible, extend or change image handling, XML driven.
  • Supports the standard for Structured Descriptive Data (SDD) and Lucid format keys.
  • Deliver your organisations identification resources to specific users or the public quickly and easily.

Your End Users

  • No Java installation is required for the Lucid On-line Player, giving instant access to keys for casual  or dedicated users.
  • Cross platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris).
  • Uses the latest web 2.0 technology giving end users a smooth seamless application like experience on-line.
  • Offer your users the most advanced on-line identification key tool in the world.

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows, Mac OSX, Linux or Solaris

Supporting applications required

Tomcat, mySQL, Apache or IIS

CostTry out the Online Player

$1,999.00 + GST (if purchased within Australia)

How to Purchase

Purchase the Lucid Key server from our secure on-line store here. Buy online

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