Q. Will this run from a CD?

A. No, this technology requires a web server to work. For CD deployment of keys there is still the application and applet edition of the Lucid Player available.

Q. Will this run on my PDA or cell phone?

A. Short answer - yes, if it has a browser. We've already tested it on an iPhone - a couple of minor interface issues but very cool! In the near future we plan to create a custom interface for small screen devices.

Note: Native mobile device editions of the Lucid Player for Android and Apple iOS are also available.

Q. What kind of server would I need to run this?

A. The Lucid On-line Player has been developed to run under just about any server technology. The player uses Tomcat and Java based technologies. For example it will run under Linux/Apache or a Windows Server/IIS environment.

Q. How many users can run a key at once?

A. The Lucid On-line Player has been designed to shift much of the processing to the client web browser. This dramatically reduces the load on the server. The server then just needs to deal with passing the key data across to the browser, which is only done on demand. It also has to serve media and html fact sheet pages that may be associated with the key. Therefore potentially many thousands of users can use a key at any one time, though of course this would depend on your server specification and available bandwidth etc.

Try visiting the forums for more information.

Try out the on-line player

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