The Lucid3 system comprises a Builder and Player for creating and deploying effective and powerful identification and diagnostic keys. The Lucid3 Builder allows an expert in a group of entities (plants, animals, diseases, minerals, archaeological artifacts etc) to create a key that can be deployed over the World Wide Web

Lucid Key Server

The Lucid Key Server consists of an identification and diagnostic key management facility and an on-line key player. It allows Lucid keys to be published across the Internet or on an organisational Intranet simply requiring a web browser to access them.

Lucid Phoenix

Lucid Phoenix is a computer based dichotomous or pathway key Builder and Player that enables traditional paper based identification keys to be published on the Internet or CD. Phoenix keys are interactive, can be enhanced with multimedia, and delivered across the Internet seamlessly.

Fact Sheet Fusion

Fact Sheet Fusion is a tool to facilitate the rapid generation of standardised fact sheets in HTML, PDFor XML. To generate high quality fact sheets, the Fact Sheet Fusion user has to take four simple steps.

Version 2 now available!

As well as developing and maintaining Lucid software, the Lucid team provide additional support services, we can:

  • Help you to specify what features of Lucid can best meet your requirements
  • Customise Lucid for institutional intranet use
  • Develop specific features to interface Lucid with other software you have
  • Provide customised training courses for your staff
  • Facilitate the final packaging and mass production of keys on CD-ROM
  • Assist you in putting your Lucid keys on your web site
  • Host your keys on our server

If you are interested in any of these services please contact us.